To Luhačovic over Provodov

On this trip you can visit village Provodov visit several historical places. Here you will find for example ruins of castles Rýsov and Old Světlov or the pilgrimage church of Our Lady of the Snow, located above the village on a pilgrimage place called Malenisko. Near the village you can stop at the natural monument - a rock formation Devil´s Stone.

The aim of this trip is the spa town of Luhačovice. Six natural and tens of drilled spring rise to the surface here. The best known and most important source of Luhačovice spa is Vincentka.

The town has a large number of different cafes, wine bars, restaurants and confectionery. The interesting architecture is also worth of mentioning. For example internationally recognized Bohuslav Fuchs participated on it.


Total length of the trip on the bike (there and back) - about 56 km

Events and news

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Dárkový poukaz

Stolní fotbal

Table football. Newly, table football is available free of charge for guests